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This fabulous little fitness studio is new to Seminole Heights and I, for one, couldn't be happier they're here! Co-owned by a couple of kind, dedicated individuals who offer an array of options to help you meet your fitness goals, owners Hollie and Cooper care about creating an inspiring family-type environment at this studio and it shows through in the way they interact with people. I have been in talks with them for a little while before I took the plunge and went for my first class today, and I feel so good about my decision to join! The personalized attention I'll get here is exactly what I need to create a lifestyle change tailored to me and my wants/needs. If you're considering adding a fitness routine into your life, I'd recommend seeing what Symmetry has to offer both via their website and on FB to get your blood pumping!

I turned 35 in May and decided it was time to figure out a way to integrate  exercise into my life- in a consistent, efficient and sustainable way.
I've lead a generally active lifestyle (including running after my two toddlers), but maintaining any kind of work-out routine for more than a couple weeks has always been a challenge. I don't have an athletic background so gym equipment feels foreign to me. I enjoyed yoga for a while but felt like I wanted something more.
As a gift to myself I decided I would finally invest in a personal trainer who would hopefully guide me towards my fitness goals and wisely help me avoid injury. It's been over 5 months since I started working with Cooper at Symmetry Studio Fitness and the experience has exceeded my expectations by a long shot!
I love the private studio setting vs a giant gym with too many people on machines- this is a peaceful yet engaging environment where I can relax and focus on giving my full effort. Cooper's energy is always encouraging and supportive. I appreciate him beyond words! Walking in to see Holly teaching dance classes, always offering her lovely smile just warms my heart. I'm so happy to have found this studio- the genuine thought and care behind the creation of this business is palpable. They are awesome- go check it out!

Lucy B.

Zephyrhills, FL

Symmetry Studio Fitness offers up to date equipment the staff will help you use properly in a warm  pleasing space.   You can work out on your own and/or join group fitness classes depending on your needs.  
n addition you can partake in belly dance classes with a professional renowned instructor.  You can grow as a dancer and have fun.   If you're new to dance, you can still join in just to maintain your fitness level and develop dance skills In a highly energetic and fun environment.

I highly recommend the studio.   The owners are professional, knowledgeable as well as friendly.   They are dedicated to the pursuit of helping you be a winner in your fitness and/or dance goals.   You can get one on one counseling/coaching whether you are interested in  fitness and/or belly dance.

Alex B.

Tampa, FL

I’m admittedly not much of an athlete (or a morning person) but I’ve been doing the morning group fitness classes for 8 weeks, and I’m hooked!! Cooper constantly pushes me to be better than I was the day before - all while monitoring me, so I workout safely !I’ve learned how to do exercises I didn’t know existed, and ones I wish didn’t exist (like burpees! Haha!) But all of it’s worth it because I feel better, stronger, I have more energy, and I’ve been making healthier choices every day!

And Hollie also motivates us with her positive attitude and constant encouragement!

We did my first assessment and I’m thrilled about my results. I’ve lost 11.5 inches and I’m down 8 lbs!

Bonus: I did 26 push ups in a row, almost 4x the amount I did when I began!! �

Thanks to the training and encouragement, I’ve even managed to maintain my eating/workout routine, despite traveling on and off the last three weeks. I even find myself looking forward to the workouts.

Laura W.

Tampa, FL

Grisel P.

Tampa, FL

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