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Organic Suppliments for healthy living

How organic are your organics? 

One of the healthiest trends in the U.S. has been the increased attention paid to the amount of uncontaminated or synthetic chemical-free food in our daily diets and the incorporation of other pure products into our daily lives.

From fruits and vegetables, to meat and dairy products, vitamins, supplements—even lotions and soaps—more of us are becoming aware that not all food, personal care and household products are created equal.

We can all do better (organically speaking).

Eat 'clean', exercise…and then take a handful of synthetic chemical vitamins and supplements every morning? Huh? It doesn't make sense to us, either.  But truth be told, there are very few USDA Certified Organic vitamins and supplements out there. Some established companies have a product or two “made with organic ingredients” and a few may offer a handful of organic options.

Here's what we think you should know:

USDA Certified Organic

Only products made with 95%-100% organic ingredients that are certified organic by the USDA can display this coveted logo on their label. It's pretty hard to achieve, and we're proud that we do—every time, with every product.

Made with Organic Ingredients

This means the product is between 70-95% organic, with some eco-unfriendly ingredients and processes prohibited. You won't find these in our products.


Today, this term means very little, and does not actually represent any kind of certification. "Natural" is defined as "minimally processed" and containing "no artificial ingredients", but only for meat and eggs. When applied to vitamins or supplements, it can mean just about anything. Or nothing. We think this term can be misleading and, well, it makes us mad.

Organic Suppliments for your health

A crop of disqualifiers

When other companies use synthetic ingredients, or ones that have been handled with certain growing, harvesting or manufacturing practices, they are disqualified from USDA Organic Certification. 

Nova Scotia Organics does not use any ingredient that:

  • Has been grown from GMO or genetic engineered seed

  • Has been exposed to irradiation

  • Includes contaminants

  • Includes synthetic chemicals

  • Has been treated with herbicides or pesticides

  • Has been fertilized with sewage sludge, or synthetic or non-organic fertilizers

Given our commitment to making the highest quality products possible, you can bet you’ll never find these contaminants in our vitamins, supplements or snacks. That’s our word.

Organic Suppliments for your health
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